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Comments from Professionals

Oakhill Academy - Lincroft

Joe Pacelli, founder and headmaster of Oakhill Academy, has devoted his life to education and created an impressive legacy with his school. He has three daughters who all work at Oakhill. They have sent all the Pacelli grandchildren to Leapfrog. Leapfrog is well known to virtually all the Oakhill teachers because our students are top performers.

Speech Start- Middletown)

(Pediatric Speech & Language Center)

Bernadette Mullen (owner & language teacher) ... The Leapfrog Learning Center has a wonderful program. As a professional, I can clearly see the high quality of the teachers and their instruction strategies. The atmosphere appears open and child friendly. The curriculum promotes learning in the areas of reading, math, and science. Instruction in these areas is often experiential.

The staff at Leapfrog frequently collaborates with outside professionals. At Leapfrog, there is a strong belief that input from all involved with each student is beneficial.

I have personally referred many of my students to the Leapfrog School. Each and every student has expressed a love for the school including the gymnastics, swimming, and computers program. Many students speak fondly of reading in the loft.

I would recommend the Leapfrog program both personally and professionally. My nine year old attended the program. I have confidence in both Maureen and Randy ... Bernadette Mullen (MA CCC-SLP)

Dr. Randy Mendelson (Licensed Child Psychologist)

"In Monmouth County, there is no better preschool than the Leapfrog Learning Center. The combination of a caring and experienced staff, stimulating learning activities, safety precautions, socialization opportunities, and record of success is remarkable. One visit to Leapfrog will convince you this is the place for your child to spend the early formative years of his/her education... Randy Mendelson, Ph.D.

Anna Barfield (certified teacher)

picture of mom with child

I would never consider sending my children anywhere else. I love the curriculum and the way teachers reach out to every child to find their strength. Between the field

trips, the use of technology, and the thematic curriculum, I feel no other school comes close. My son has loved his time at Leapfrog and I can't wait until my youngest is old enough. AB.

Danielle Ungemah (certified teacher)

Like all parents, I was aprehensive about leaving the care of my children in the hands of others. In the many years my children have attended Leapfrog, I have been nothing but impressed with the care and attentiveness of the staff as well as the strong curriculum. Both personally and educationally, I consider Leapfrog a blessing in the growth and enhancement of my children's lives ... D.U.

Helen Birn (certified teacher)

Leapfrog encompasses everything that I am passionate about when it comes to teaching. The 6/1 teacher ratio gives the teachers so much one-on-one time with the children. They are really able to reach each child as an individual and make learning fun for them. The thematic monthly units bring in all the academic areas. Children learn without ever realizing it because the themes are focussed around topics that are fun. When children are happy and comfortable in their surroundings, they succeed more. They become more confident and that is something they take with them forever. When I had children of my own, it was easy to decide where to send them. I love the family atmosphere at Leapfrog. I have sent both my boys to Leapfrog and they loved it. Leapfrog is a secure, child-centered school that teaches academics through hands on, fun activities. They provide children with the perfect foundation for the years ahead ... H.B.

Sanaa Benbrahim (certified teacher)

Both my daughters went to LeapLeapfrog and the school was an important part of our lives for four years. I love Leapfrog because it combines serious learning with a lot of fun, hands on activities. More than this, Leapfrog provides a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. My kids always wanted to go to school.

Because I am a teacher, I have high standards. One of the reasons I chose Leapfrog is that the teachers are all outstanding. They create a safe, caring, and nurturing environment where each child is given individual attention. The curriculum is outstanding and customized around the needs of each child. I highly recommend Leapfrog to parents who are looking for a happy place to guide their children in their first steps in life.SB

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Comments from Parents

Laura Unrath

picture of mom with child

"I have been fortunate to have all three of my children begin their education at Leapfrog. Each child started at age three and stayed through kindergarten.

I cherished the peace of mind I had, starting with my very first day in September of 2000. I knew that my child was in a very nurturing, fun filled environment. The staff at every level has impressed me with the individual attention given to every child (and family) while providing a wonderful, age appropriate social environment and curriculum.

Most importantly, my children come home happy and excited about learning ... and VERY well prepared for elementary school.

The Leapfrog family has provided my children all I could have hoped for in a preschool experience, and our years spent there have given us many, many happy memories that will be cherished for years to come!"


Karen Saad picture of mom with child

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and admiration for my son's three teachers and their skills. This year Jack became a "boy." He developed his confidence in playing with the rough and tumble children, who he was

shy around in the begining of the year. The teachers did an excellent job in managing the classroom, making it a place where children feel respected and protected, and Jack has blossomed in that environment.

Jack's academic skills have continued to develop and he is now very interested in spelling and writing. His teachers created exciting lesson plans and made learning fun. Jack especially enjoyed all the hands-on learning and loved to tell me about his day.

Finally, and most importantly, I feel as if these teachers really care about my son. Jack started the year with a broken arm and I was very nervous about his condition. The teachers took care of him the way I would have myself. I feel there are very few people who can provide small children with a true learning experience. My son's teachers all possess the rare blend of professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and caring that makes a great educator and all should be highly commended.

Jack is my second child at Leapfrog and I keep coming back because of the quality of the teachers, the program, and the continuity from year to year. The teachers are the best. ... K.S.

Luann Hughes

picture of mom with child

Tucked securely in a quiet office park in Shrewsbury you will find a hidden gem. The Leapfrog Learning Center is a one-of-a-kind quality preschool/ Kindergarten that has been part of our family since my oldest child started in 2003.

Now in 5th grade, the skills my son acquiried in Leapfrog's Kindergarten continue to thrust him to the top of his class in one of the State's best school systems. My younger two boys also attended Leapfrog in subsequent years, and as a result both are experiencing the same ease and love of learning that my oldest son is experiencing. All three of my boys are now part of their elementary schools enrichment program for gifted students.

With my forth child currently in attendance at Leapfrog, I can tell you that this is a dynamic school that grows with its students while concurrently maintaining a stable environment with low teacher turn-over. My daughter has some of the same teachers that my boys had six years ago, and while their love of teaching remains evident and strong, the curriculum changes with the times and stays fresh and relevant.

Leapfrog's staff is caring, courteous, and talented. As a discerning mother who has had first hand experience with four other local preschools before finding Leapfrog, I can say confidently that you will not find a better environment for your child in Monmouth County.

Cindi Van Brunt

The school is absolutely fabulous! I have 2 children currently enrolled and they are both very different as far as personality and different learning needs. However, both children love the school and enjoy being there. They have both come so far since they started. The teachers are wonderful and you know they truly care about your kids, it is not just a job to them. The structure is great and the time and effort they put into planning each day is clear. What could be better, they provide a great education in a fun and engaging environment! .... C.V.

Andrea Younger

This school is top notch. I recommend this school for many reasons. The teacher to student ratio is fantastic, the planning they put into daily activities to keep the children occuppied is wonderful, everyone who works there is overly friendly and will help you in any way they can. My daughter started here when she was 3 yrs old and will be 4 in Feb of 2004 and there has never been a day that she couldn't wait to get to school. The overall cleanliness of this school will blow you away. Top notch clean furniture and carpets with plenty of padding. Nothing but wonderful experiences here and if I had another child I would send them here without hesitation... A.Y.

Kathy Hoffman

Thank you for everything ... the holiday shows, the Mother's day brunches, the cheerful greetings, the "great job"s, the wiped away tears, the honest assessments, the care and love you have given my three children. Thank you is not enough.

Our years at Leapfrog will always be something I will hold close to my heart. There was never a day any of my kids did not want to come. Thank you for a wonderful eight years!

Jodie & Scott Navitsky

Words truly can not express how much we are going to miss Leapfrog. The past seven years have been such a wonderful experience for all of my children! Everyone of them has flourished and enjoyed every minute. You gave all of them the perfect preschool experience both socially and academically! Every one of them has gone on to kindergarten with confidence ... and reading. Thanks for everything...J&S N

Nancy Villaluz ... letter to "Miss Maureen" (head teacher)

How can I possible thank you for all that you have done and all that you have given us? Your knowledge, wisdom, caring, compassion,encouragement, understanding, and patience have been an absolute blessing! Just knowing that my two children went to school with you, the "Mary Poppins" of the United States, is a comfort and a pleasure.

You have a true gift for teaching and we are so glad to have received it. Of course now I am crying because we won't get to experience it any more in the future. But knowing we had it for six years in all will make me smile for many years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will all miss you dearly and wish you and your family all the best in the future... NV

Sandi Montefusco picture of mom with child

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my children over the past two years. As you know Allen started last year as nervous little boy who did not want to leave my side. Now, he is a

happy, confident child who is looking forward to the challenge of a new school. (and I have you to thank!!). He has greatly benefited from the loving environment that you provided but I also feel he has learned a tremendous amount.

Christopher has also loved his time at Leapfrog and has grown tremendously. I am sure he will be one of the few kindergarteners who can read next year. Thank you for being such a wonderful, positive part of our lives...SM

Gladys Griffith

Thank you very much for the time that Jake, Luke, and Meghan spent at Leapfrog. The kids developed incredibly during their time with you and it was due to the caring and nurturing staff.

Jack really came out of his shell thanks to Miss Lorraine while Meghan and Luke grew and learned from Miss Lisa, Miss Stephanie, Miss Suellen, and Miss Nancy.

I would recommend Leapfrog to anyone looking for a nurturing, family environment for their children...GG

Moshe Rozenblit

My wife and I were enchanted with the Leapfrog Learning Center from our first visit. Our son thrived and learned and enjoyed every day in this wonderful place. We could not have hoped for a better preschool - dedicated teachers, superb management and lively cheerful setting. Only "problem": our son had so much fun that at the end of the day he'd refuse to go home, Maureen had to "bribe" him by lending him books to read in the car...MR

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