Our Summer Program

We teach children all the skills needed to be happy and successful in their next school

Personality Development

We teach self-confidence by helping kids discover who they are and how to understand and express their feelings.

Life Skills

We teach kids to be self-sufficient.
We teach kids to solve their own problems.
We teach kids teamwork and how to work together.


Every activity we do is designed to build communication skills and give children the skills needed for successful interaction with their peers.


We have an 24 year track record proving that our program enables every child to have outstanding academic performance. Our benchmarks are one year ahead of public schools with our Pre-K children learning all the academic skills taught in Kindergarten. Most importantly, children accomplish these objectives while spending as little as 1 1/2 hours per week on academics. We use “Land of the Letter People,” “Saxon Phonics,” and “the Oxford Reading Tree” to teach reading and “the Saxon Math Program” to teach arithmatic.

Physical Education

Simple physical accomplishments (running, jumping, etc) are an essential part of building self-esteem. For this reason our Phys Ed program is at the heart of many of our activities.

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