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The People behind Leapfrog

the Director

picture of program director

Randolph Vaughan

For over 30 years I have devoted every waking moment to figuring out the mechanical process of how people learn. What started as a simple quest to make learning fun has evolved into a proposal to overhaul the entire educational process (see "thefrogblog.net" for details).

"My own education was spent studying the wrong things. After two degrees from Columbia (BA and MBA), I wasted 20 years traveling around the Middle East "playing" international finance. I was living in London when my son was born and everything changed. I became overwhelmed with a passion for the miracle of learning. Eventually, I realized that "motivation" is the key to everything and children learn best when the process is fun, relevant, and interactive. I believe preschool is the most important part of the educational process because this is where children figure out who they are and form the attitudes that determine all their future achievements. The Leapfrog teachers are a gifted team of professionals that have spent almost 20 years designing a preschool program that gets better every single year. Visit us and see for yourself!"

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Staff Supervisor
picture of program director

Maureen Vaughan

Maureen is a co-founder of the school and is still actively involved as a consultant. Maureen received her teaching degree from London University and brings 39 years of professional experience.

"I believe drama and role playing activities are essential when teaching young children to talk about their emotions." Socialization skills start with learning to be comfortable expressing your feelings. This leads to an awareness of the the feelings of those around you, as children learn empathy and the ability to appreciate other points of view. Because children love to play pretend, they eagerly participate in games where they "role play" being someone else. The best way to inspire children is by example.

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Our Teachers

picture of Lorraine Crescenzi

Lorraine Crescenzi ... Substitute Teacher (BA ... certified teacher)

picture of karen Carson

Karen Carson ... Pre-Kindergarten (BA ... certified teacher)

picture of Rosemary Longo

Rosemary Longo ... Pre-Kindergarten (BA ... certified teacher)

picture of laura

Laura Santangelo ... Pre-Kindergarten (BA - certified teacher)

picture of Suellen Woodworth

Suellen Woodworth ... Tadpoles (BA ... certified teacher)

picture of Lisa Atkisson

Lisa Adkisson ... Tadpoles (AA...certified teacher)

picture of anneliis

Anneliis ... Toddlers (BA)

picture of Debbie Samilow

Debbie Samilow ... Substitute Teacher (BA ... certified teacher)

picture of Kristin Isaacson

Kristin Isaacson - Office Manager (BA)