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How we accomplish the goals in our mission statements

Striving to be best

Everyone who works at Leapfrog is committed to making Leapfrog the best pre-school in the country. Our 20 year quest for quality has focussed on the needs of three specific groups:

* Parents.
* Students.
* Teachers.

"Best" is different for each group because each has different needs and priorities. We strive to create a learning experience that blends all these priorities together. We are still not perfect but our program is still evolving and every year we get better as new ideas are integrated into our program and we better understand what produces the best results.

"To be good is not enough when you dream of being great."

This quest for quality translates into a focus on three fundamental areas:

-- Our facilities and teaching equipment.

-- Our program (both the theme based curriculum designed internally as well as the text book programs used by our older children).

-- Our staff and the skills they bring into our classrooms.

Our goal is to teach children all the skills needed to be happy.

This process starts with a focus on personality development and an effort to nurture all the characteristics that lead to high functioning behavior, most importantly the development of a positive self-image and the self-confidence that goes with a positive attitude towards socialization. We accomplish this be helping children discover who they are and how they fit into the world.

As children gradually internalize their evolving self-image and their personalities become more mature, we shift to a focus on teaching all the skills needed for success in their next school. This translates into three clear priorities:

*** The socialization skills needed to for successful interaction with their peers.

*** The academic skills needed for good grades.

For 20 years we have produced four year olds who test ready for 1st grade and we have accomplished this with children who study academics as little as a 1 1/2 hours per week. We have succeeded because we do three things. We make learning fun, physical, and relevant.

*** The fine and gross motor skills needed for physical dexterity and coordination.