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2019 Summer Adventure Camp

Finally - an affordable Summer Program that combines the stimulating outdoor activities of a great summer camp with indoor activities where teachers inspire learning in small groups. Designed for children from 30 months up to age 7, parents may enroll children for five to nine weeks during July and August. Our themes are illustrated by blending together stories, songs, crafts, games, role-playing, and a field trip. Our outdoor activities include our water slide and sprinkler play as well as weekly gymnastics and swimming.

1st Three Weeks
Everyday is a Holiday !
Image of kids playing soccer

In honor of Independence Day we will start by celebrating some of America's favorite holidays! Campers will have a great time dressing up for Holloween, decorating the Christmas tree, playing Hanukkah games and hunting for Easter eggs. We will then have a look at holidays around the world such as Chinese new year and "Carnival" in Brazil ... and then some special holidays like UFO day and "Teddy Bear Picnic Day." We will finish off this theme with a giant birthday party featuring a "pinata," musical chairs, presents, and cake.



2nd Three Weeks

Trains, Planes, & Automobiles
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Next we will see what it is like to travel on trains, planes, and cars. Our campers will turn the Leapfrog clubhouse into an RV that we will use to explore America. We will incorporate "STEAM" (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) activities to learn about tunnels and bridges, play with remote control race cars, and build a working rocket ship. We will meet with a local mechanic, pilot, and truck driver. We end this segment with a field trip to Allair State Park where we will play in the 18th century village and get a ride on the train !

3rd Three Weeks

Blast from the Past
image of child cooking

Finally, We will build a time machine and travel into the past. First our campers will head to ancient Greece where they will climb mount Olympus, make their own "togas," and compete in Hercules' Olympic Games. Next we will journey to colonial times in America where we will learn about life without electricity. Our campers will eat colonial food, make their own toys, and even do some chores. We will end our adventure with a visit to the 1950s where we will listen to rock & roll music, enjoy a "drive in" movie, and learn to dance like Elvis Presley at a Leapfrog sock-hop !

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