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2018 Summer Adventure Camp

Finally - an affordable Summer Program that combines the stimulating outdoor activities of a great summer camp with indoor activities where teachers inspire learning in small groups. Designed for children from 30 months up to age 7, parents may enroll children for five to nine weeks during July and August. Our themes are illustrated by blending together videos, stories, computer software, songs, crafts, games, role-playing, and field trips. Our outdoor activities include our water slide and sprinkler play as well as weekly gymnastics and swimming.

1st Three Weeks
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Calling all superheroes! Leapfrog is looking for the best and the bravest to start off our Summer with a bang! Campers will learn about the value of helping others, work through a series of physical fitness tests, and explore different powers before ultimately choosing a superhero identity. We will also have fun designing costumes and accessories while enjoying stories of some of the worlds most famous (real and fictional) superheroes!



2nd Three Weeks

Kids Create
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Next we will continue our creativity with crafts, crafts, and more crafts! Leapfrog will be turned into a studio where campers will be able to explore their artistic side through mediums such as ceramics, painting, photography, puppetry, and even baking. Our campers will learn about famous artists and their masterpieces and work with both new and recycled materials. Campers' works will then be displayed at a "gallery opening" complete with grape juice and cheese!

3rd Three Weeks

The Rainforest
image of child cooking

Finally, We will travel into the rainforest where we will explore exotic plants and animals. Campers will learn about concepts like camouflage, metamorphosis, and conservation through "hands on" kid friendly activities and experiments. Campers will also have the opportunity to make working terrariums, go "hiking" and "camp out" in the Leapfrog tent. We will end the Summer by turning our clubhouse into a canopy where campers can play amongst the treetops.

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