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We teach self-confidence by giving children all the skills needed for success in their next school. The heart of our program is a theme based curriculum which makes learning fun by weaving all our monthly activities around a single subject. Themes are illustrated through stories, games, music, drama, dance, craft projects, videos, computer software, and field trips. The result is children who have a positive self-image, have great social interaction skills, and want to go to school.

Mission Statement

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What We teach

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How We Teach

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Socialization and Academics

We make learning fun, relevant, and interactive.
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Our Summer Program

We teach children all the skills needed to be happy and successful in their next school
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Meet Our Staff

Meet our amazing teachers and staff.
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Special groups

Our staff is a group of incredibly skilled professionals that includes educators and experienced childcare specialists. We strive to make your child feel at home while learning the skills needed to succeed.

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